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I feel far more submissive and wanting to please you. I don’t know what’s happening to me but you make me get an erection just thinking about you. Why don’t you message me and we can talk about what you’re feeling. Just send me a DM and tell me you’re the one who sent the anon, and we can chat.

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I’m a writer/gaymer/disabled/ gay erotic hypnotist. I started this to talk about my passions, mostly writing and hypnosis. It turns out that this has become a kind of catch-all of eclectic, favorite things, and the occasional life event: I also can be reached on Skype Discord, Twitter, and You Tube (both a hypnosis and a gaming channel)

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2. 1. The Spiral controls you… the Spiral thinks for you…. The Spiral commands you to obey it…. The Spiral wants you to worship it…. The Spiral wants that good boys like you DM it telling it how much they want to obey the Spiral…. The Spiral wants you to Repost this Post so the Spiral …

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